Sunday, June 15, 2014

Baby's Room

Here is her room! We'd still like to get a nice rug or a carpet remnant for the hardwood floor. We have time to get that before she starts crawling :) 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting closer!

I can't believe I'm 35 weeks! This pregnancy has gone by fast. Too fast for my liking. I love feeling her move. I get pummeled all the time and although it hurts sometimes, I love it!! Once we get her room finished I'll post some pics :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

26 weeks

I have been feeling achy lately. It's been a while, but at this point in my pregnancy with my twins, I wasn't this sore :( I am 6 years older and was more overweight when I got pregnant this time. I'm sure that is contributing to the way I feel. All and all though, I'm loving being pregnant again! Yes, I'm one of those :) we are pretty sure her name is going to be Cora Mae. She sure is an active baby! Constantly kicking and moving in there and it's so wonderful to have this feeling again.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Another Girl!

Today was a long, but very happy day for our family. It was so wonderful to have the girls with us at our ultrasound. They kept saying the baby looked like a skeleton! So funny :) Our little nugget is growing right on schedule and everything looked great! To be honest it was weird to just see one baby in there! I was wondering if we were going to be surprised like we were with our 20 week ultrasound over 6 years ago! Wow, what will it be like just taking care of one baby in the night? One baby to nurse? Change diapers on one baby? Everyone keeps saying it will be sooo much easier! I hope they are right and this little one doesn't give me any extra trouble ;) Here are some pics from today.

 She wouldn't move for us to get a profile shot.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

More Pics

In all honesty, I don't know how to add pictures anymore. These aren't even close to the order I added them. The last pic is the before picture of the tub. Then the demo and what not. My living room pics were supposed to be at the very bottom! Sorry!

Time for another post

Ever since I got an iPhone, its been so easy to text family and friends videos and pictures of the girls. We still live far from family, and that was the reason for starting a blog. To stay connected to family, so they could see the girls grow up. I used to LOVE blogging! Makes me sad that I have let it go.

A few updates, we are now in Moscow, Idaho. We love living here. Jeff and I lived here in 2005-2007 while attending school. It feels like we never left! We purchased our first home in March of last year. Soon we will be living in our home for a year! It is an older house, and we have done some updating. It is just so comfortable to us and we all love it. After a little of over 3 years of trying for another baby, we finally are expecting child #3. Our 6 year old twin girls are beyond excited to have a younger sibling. I am 20 weeks, this week and our ultrasound is this Friday!!! The girls keep saying they want a brother, then a sister, then back again. I would love a little boy, but Jeff doesn't mind at all if we have another girl. He thinks it will be a little girl :) He is the best with the twins and I know he will be just as great with another female in the house. Well, that is it for now. I hope to keep up better. Enjoy lots of pictures of the house and other things from last year.

This was the day we got the keys. This is our room. They all had old shaggy carpet and old curtains. Ick!
 At least the living room and hallway had finished hardwood floors.

 We (Jeff) tore up the carpet in the rooms to reveal hardwood floors underneath. We were hoping not to have to do any work to them, but there were gouges along the floors in two different directions. We filled them in and re-sanded and re-finished the floors.
 It's amazing what paint can do to a room! A total transformation of the living room.
 This pic shows the wall where the desk and shelf were in the living room. Jeff knocked it down to open up the room to the dining room. We are so happy we did it!
 Cute wall in the girls' room.

More of the girls' room.

 This was right after my furniture was delivered!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Should I just give up??

Oh my heck, this is the second time trying to post this! Maybe that's why I have almost given up on blogging. I have lost patience with BlogSpot. I don't like the new way to post and manage my blog. Right now it keeps saying error, can't save. Seriously! See what I mean? It's just so much easier to use my phone to post to Facebook, Instagram, email or text pics to my family and friends who like to stay up to date with our family. I don't have any theme to this post. Just more randomness :)
Quick trip to Oregon in October. Date night with our friends, The Herzogs

Dancing in their b-day ballerina outfits.
 Beautiful sunset in the mountains

 A fun date night :)

Halloween! Lalaloopsy dolls

 Halloween night